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Empowering Youth to Connect to Their Awareness & Thrive in Changing Times

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My mission is to empower youth and those who engage with them to thrive by remaining conscious of their strengths and inner compass, joyful in their body and open to a full spectrum of possibilities.


Bringing together decades of parenting, educating as a special educator and facilitating as an Access Consciousness ® Facilitator, I enable the possibility of something far greater for youth of all ages. I deliver these tools through keynote speaking, smaller group interactive workshops, and follow through one on one when needed.

Offering simple, pragmatic tools so youth can:

  • release anxiety and stress to allow everyday happiness

  • cultivate inner sovereignty and confidence

  • use conscious choice to create the life they desire

  • connect and communicate with their bodies

Cathleen allows children and teens to see their own strengths and abilities.

April Duncan - Parent of Homeschoolers

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Coming from more than 25 years of experience in parenting, teaching as a Special Educator, and facilitating workshops, Cathleen has been a catalyst of empowerment for youth, parents, counselors and teachers to create dynamic joyful living.

After training in NLP, Yoga Calm for Kids, Brain Gym ®, The Body Talk System ®, and Access Consciousness ® Facilitation, she has used the multiple modalities to support youth and their primary adult stakeholders. Cathleen has co-authored two books: Possibilities in Parenting and The Lightness of Choosing You, along with hosting a radio show: Growing up Conscious. She has worked in public, private and charter schools experiencing the benefits and limitations of each one.


For over 12 years, she has also been internationally certified as an Access Consciousness ® Facilitator focused on teaching kids and adults to tap into their own inner knowing to consciously create and choose a thriving life.

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Cathleen's Talks


Strategies for Youth in Strengthening their Inner Compass for Resilience

For youth of all ages to stay conscious and mindful of their own inner sovereignty, they need to be given a chance to hone these skills.


  • become aware and celebrate their strengths, interests and talents

  • tune into their own knowing and awareness outside of peer influence

  • have comfort and communication with their body

This talk can address youth directly or the people who are engaging with them.

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Parent Tools for Fostering and Allowing Your Children to Stay Conscious in an Unconscious World

Kids come into the world with their own inner light and knowing. If that is fostered with giving them choices and living tools so that they can find their way without being too impacted by their culture, school learning, and their peers, they can keep directing their life based in their inner knowing.

This talk provides parents with pragmatic strategies for supporting their children to nurture their self knowing and conscious choices based on their desires.

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School Supports for Youth to Thrive Among the "Herd"

Students come from diverse backgrounds with varying needs into a system that often requires them to conform and fit in.


This talk addresses how teachers can still nurture the individuality of each student and allow student choice when possible.

Also, I discuss exercises that can easily be done in a classroom to bring back ease of learning and body awareness.

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"I have known Cathleen for several years, and she is extremely supportive to growth. She is the essence of unconditional love and always exhibits joy in her day to day life. I have witnessed her speaking in front of groups and she does so with fluidity, clarity and ease. Each and every one of her personal interactions and talks uplift naturally. I highly recommend her!"

Penny Thorne - Organizational Support, Caregiver and Artist FL

"Cathleen's passion for serving our youth makes her a powerful ally to children and their families. She is a dynamic speaker, creative educator, and compassionate communicator. Over the years, I have witnessed her connecting with people deeply and authentically, without presumption or judgment. She motivates and inspires everyone she encounters to become the best versions of themselves."

Erin Johnson

BS, MAT Writer/Teacher Oregon

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"Cathleen and I were co-workers for many years together in public schools. In that time I saw her excel with addressing student and parent needs while also developing close relationships with other teachers. She lead workshops that were inspiring and uplifting."

Melissa O'Kelly SLP - Oregon


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